Are You Desperate To Lose Weight?

So, are you desperate to lose weight? Let me ask you a question…

If you were in a relationship with someone who, no matter what you did it was never good enough, even when you were on your knees they pushed you through a workout because you were fat, they compared you with people on FAKEbook all the time, they never listened to any of your cries for help and they called you ugly and never showed you any love or appreciation, would you stay?

Would you let yourself be treated that way?

I hope not!

Yet so many women I engage with have this very relationship with their bodies.

It’s time we learnt to love our bodies, not because of how they look, but because of how they look after us!

When someone comes to me DESPERATE to lose weight and hating their body, I know it is going to be a challenge.

Because the more you hate your body, the less you care about what you put in it or how you treat it.
Honestly, it might sound crazy, but the more we love and respect our body, the less we want to shovel crap into it and the less we have the whole boom or bust attitude to our weight.

You know, that time when you ate one biscuit, then you ate the whole packet because you felt like you had failed again.

At Slim From Within phase one is always about letting go. Letting go of the desperation, the need for perfection and control.

This is the hardest part, but when those women who are really feeling the effects of this get it, they start to lose weight.

I had an amazing email from a client the other day who tried for a long time to lose weight, and then she let go…

“I just really thought about so many things, from all the support and things you have said to me, all the info you put on FB, realising how much better I feel after exercise, after a good night’s sleep and after eating well.
I looked in the mirror and instead of seeing all the wobbly bits, I actually thought what an amazing body I have, it has given me…”

She went on to tell me that she had lost 7lbs, but that was actually no longer her focus or important.

Amazing what happens when you just let go!

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