Time to put those chocs away ladies! Woman on the diet craving to eat chocolate

Chocs Away!

Time to put those chocs away ladies!

Well I am sick of it myself!

The sad fact is I realised on Saturday that I don’t even LIKE chocolate anymore, but continued to eat it until Monday night!

I haven’t been eating milk chocolate for a long time now. When I am in need of a fix I always go for 85% dark chocolate. It is a lot lower in sugar than its milky counterpart!
So I really could taste the difference in the sugar.

But the worst thing was that once I started eating it I really struggled to stop and not only did I find myself craving more sweet things but I found that I wanted more food in general.

Eating large amounts of sugar does that to you, due to the large spike in your blood sugar and the quick “crash” afterwards, one of the side effects of sugar consumption is that you are always “peckish” even when you know there is no way you can be hungry!

So what can you do to get yourself back on track FAST?

  1. Hit the protein. Start your day with a high protein breakfast that includes a serving of good fats – eggs, kippers, mackerel, lean meat with avocado, olive oil, or cooked in metabolism boosting coconut oil.
  2. Have a chocolate amnesty – having any sweet foods on display is shown to cause over consumption so put them away – out of sight, especially the half opened ones – way to dangerous!
  3. Do a HIIT workout to get your fat burning and your endorphins going to replace that “happy hit’ chocolate can give you – 20 minutes of one of our fat burning HIIT workouts will get you feeling much more focused and back in the zone!
  4. Opt for the darker stuff and check out my you tube video to see the staggering amounts of sugar in the tiniest bars of chocolate!

Stay strong girls! Put those chocs away!

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