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The Truth About Calories – Part 2

What is it about the counting of calories that keeps us so hooked? Calories (and scales) are one of the most controlling and damaging aspects of diet cycle and mind-set. I gave up counting calories years ago, when I started to really understand food, what it does, why we need it and how the body […]

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Dieting woman in despair

The Truth About Calories – Part 1…

Those of you who read my emails know that I am not really into calorie counting. And I stand by that…kind of! But in my Top 50 Lessons from 12 years of coaching the BABEs post last week, lesson number 3 was… Calories DO matter! If you want to lose weight PART OF THE PUZZLE […]

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Do This & Eat This To Feel Better Today

Hello, is it safe to come out yet??? I hope you had a fantastic Christmas – I certainly did, maybe a bit too good!! Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling pretty rotten after over indulging for the past 2 days – it’s been great fun, but the carb come down is […]

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