Bullet Proof Your Will Power – My Top 3 Tips

Imagine what you could achieve if you doubled your will power, that illusive resource we all lack at times. (If you haven’t done so, see Monday’s email to find out it’s biggest zappers…)

Truth is, you CAN increase your will power, but it is only something YOU can do, you can’t take it in a tablet!

You have to treat it like a muscle – use it or lose it!

Start to push yourself on a daily basis.

It doesn’t have to massive; it can be the small things at first.

Ignoring the snooze button, going to the gym, not buying the wine.

Day-in day-out we operate on autopilot, giving into our impulses at the drop of a hat. Often not even noticing when we are sabotaging ourselves.

The easiest way to increase will power is being mindful; honestly, mindfulness or meditation are amazing tools for focus.

Research shows that 2-3 days of mindfulness for 10 minutes, improves focus and energy, meaning you are less stressed and your will power will increase.

Because mindfulness eliminates the noise, meaning you are able to make the right choices in any particular moment.

When it comes to weight loss, keeping a food diary has also been shown to increase will power, as has meal planning.

Remember what we said on Monday about short-term gain (quick and easy pizza) over long-term results (health and weight loss)?

Well having a plan will help you at the dangerous times of your day.

E.g. Walking in at the end of a long day to a slow cooked meal that is ready to go will instantly make flexing your self control muscles so much easier.

Or having your trainers in the car so you can workout on the way to work rather than procrastinating about it all day and eventually putting it off – which reminds me, your will is definitely stronger at the start of the day so if you have tasks that you know will give great results but take will power to achieve, get them done first thing. The later in the day, the more chance they will get shelved!

Understand you need will power to get will power.

Will power and self-control can set off a chain of good actions that lead to amazing results!

Like going to bootcamp helps you make healthier food choices, that help you sleep better, which will help increase your will power and so on!

Use it or lose it ladies!

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