Your 3 Biggest Will Power Zappers…

A few weeks ago I asked you for some help with some new resources I am working on and you guys rocked – we got over 100 responses!

I got some great feedback, some awesome ideas and a real understanding of what is holding you back from getting where you want to be.

One of the biggest challenges that literally everyone mentioned was will power, or lack of it!

Will power is the key to success, no matter what your goal. It is all about self-control. It’s the ability to focus on the long-term gain over instant gratification, which is bloody hard work most of the time!

The glass of wine/chocolate biscuit now over future weight loss.

Our mind set and physiology at any given moment will determine our ability to exert such will.

There are 3 things that have a major affect on our state…

First is the amount of sleep we have had or how tired we are. Numerous studies have shown how lack of sleep makes us eat more sugary, fatty foods. Even after one late night we are much less able to resist temptations – so get those zzz’s in girls!

Next is sugar. The thing to understand about sugar is that it is a DRUG. It’s highly addictive and like any drug, once it’s in the blood stream, getting that next “hit”, or dopamine high, will consume you!

It will leave you tired, irritable and craving more as you literally come down from the blood sugar high.

Breaking your addiction to the white stuff is vital if you want to be able to exercise your will power.

Finally, stress. Scientists have found that stress causes a lack of connectivity in the brain and with that comes a direct hit on our will power. If you’re running around at 100 mph fire fighting, then flexing your will power muscle is never easy.

When you walk in the door at night exhausted & hungry with mouths to feed fast you need all the self-control you can muster to start cooking rather than shove in a pizza, right?

Stress makes overcoming temptation hard – again short term gain (quick and easy pizza) for long term results (health and weight loss).

So now you know where the dangers are, join me on Wednesday when I will share with you exactly how to increase your self-control and will power so you can bullet proof your self-control around ANYTHING!

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