Back to School, Back to Bootcamp? Are You Joining Us?

If you found looking after your health and fitness whilst running around entertaining little ones (or not so little ones!) a struggle this summer, then you are not alone!

That is why our next camp is focusing on getting some “me” time back in your schedule.

We are going to be super focused on getting motivated and organised, cleaning up our nutrition and implementing some of the BABES FeelFab protocols that can go “out of the window” over the summer.

Plus introducing some new protocols that have got our members, like Jean, this month’s Member of the Month, great results.

Our next camp is on the 18th September. Historically, this is one of the busiest camps of the year and so places are very limited and always go quick and this year has been no exception.

Our taster week is week one and an exact replica of the full camp, meaning you will receive emails to help you through the week, a manual with the basic nutrition rules, a meal planner with recipes to get you started and full support from our PT qualified coaches.

The average weight loss for the first week is 5-7lbs, although we have had higher (10 is the record so far!)

So if you want to shed the summer pounds in time for the glitz and glamour of Christmas (yes I did use the C word!) then don’t miss this opportunity to join the BABEs and us for a big start to the new school year.

Make sure you get your place TODAY!

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