How To Avoid Overeating Now The Nights Are Longer…

Yesterday was my favourite day of the year.  I love it, a whole extra hour to do as you please! What a gift! I got right into the autumn vibe walking the dog just as the sun was going down, then home for a roast, a perfect Sunday!

But the long evenings also mean we are likely to start eating a little bit more. So, how can we avoid overeating on those longer winter nights?

We are biologically programmed to eat more in the winter. For our ancestors, the shorter days signalled it was time to start stocking up for the cold winter when food would be scarce.

Our mammalian brains survival mode still kicks in now; we are hard wired to want to eat more. But seeing as we can just pop to Sainsbury’s and have central heating, eating extra is just going to make us podgy! 

So what can we do to beat winter cravings?

First thing to remember is that the body does not crave foods, it craves nutrients. 

Vit D is a great example of this.  Vit D is a precursor to serotonin, our happy neurotransmitter. It is made by the sun, so the lack of light means our levels drop. This reduces the serotonin in the body and so we begin to crave something else to give a similar effect, i.e. carbohydrates. 

Try and get out in the sun daily. If you can see your shadow, you are making Vit D. However, it needs to be on your skin, so be sure to bask in any winter sun if you are lucky enough to find some!

Be aware of your body’s signals. For example, you may be craving a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, but what your body is actually saying is “warm me up!” – try a cinnamon tea instead.

Eat your fats as they will keep you warm and reduce your carb cravings. 

A diet high in protein and fats is proven to reduce cravings, leaving you less prone to snacking.

Coconut oil is great for this. If your cravings are really immense you can eat it straight from the spoon, sprinkle cinnamon over it for a sweeter taste!

If you find that you are a stress or seasonal eater, start practising some daily mindful exercises, especially when eating. This will slow you down and is proven to help you eat less.

Finally, don’t hide! If you feel yourself disappearing into big, baggy jumpers, remind yourself that it won’t be long before it’s time to bear that flesh again! Spring will be here before we know it!

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