Are You Looking Forward To Your Summer Holidays?

Be honest!

So many of us actually end up dreading the two weeks we work so hard for all year, simply because we are scared to get our bodies out on the beach.

In our heads we visualise a sea of beautiful tanned bodies, long slender limbs, flat stomachs, pert breasts and perfect skin.

The reality is very different.

Maybe there are a few “perfect” bodies, but if you sit on the beach and look around, for most of the human race the opposite is true.

Our bodies are the result of who we are. Baggy stomachs, wobbly bottoms, stretch marks, and other battle scars of childbirth.

We all know that we can lose a few pounds and tone up a bit (and I hope by now you know where to come to do that, but that’s not really what I am talking about here. In my work I have sat with women of size 8 to size 28 and had them cry about the body they hate so much.

This holiday I want you to feel good about your body.

I am not talking about running down the beach in your bikini Baywatch stylie, but about being quietly confident that the body you have is your friend and that just because you can’t squeeze it into a size 8 bikini doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your beautiful, clever body.

For the next 30 days (or until you are BACK from your holiday) I want you to keep a body gratitude journal. If the idea of writing a journal everyday is too much, then each night before you sleep I want you to think of something that you LOVE about your body, and don’t you dare tell me there is nothing!

EVERY BODY has some great features!

“I am so grateful that I have such Great Skin, Blue Eyes, Curly Hair” – whatever is great for you!

Here is mine for the day…

I am so grateful that I have such lovely feet! (honestly I love my feet, they are chubby and all of my toes are the perfect size – so they look good in sandals!)

So come on, what’s yours?

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