Are You Choosing the Wrong Exercise to Help You Lose Weight?

I went for a run yesterday, my first in a while!

I am one of those weird folk who actually like running (sometimes) but I only do it when the mood takes me and it certainly isn’t what I do to manage my weight.

But so many do! Maybe you are one of them? Are you choosing the wrong exercise to help you lose weight?

We see a lot of women at BABEs who have spent hours and hours on treadmills, cross trainers, spin bikes (another one of my favourite workouts, but again not the best for fat loss…)

The trouble with long distance running or any excessive cardiovascular work is that it increases our stress hormone Cortisol, that also happens to be a fat STORING hormone, but it gets worse!

Not only that, but when we have high levels of cortisol in the blood we are lowering our levels of fat BURNING hormones namely DHEA, HGH and Testosterone.

Yes girls we need testosterone, not beard growing amounts but certainly enough to keep us burning fat, feeling sexy, full of energy, on the ball and alert!

What you really need to be doing if you’re serious about losing weight and changing your body shape, is lifting weights and keeping the cardio to short, sharp, intensive bursts!

Do your weights BEFORE your cardio – build before you burn!

It’s the most effective way of burning fat and getting a cracking body!

Guess what, it’s just like we do at camp!

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