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Are you addicted to Facebook?

Are you addicted to Facebook? I’ve noticed I seem to be checking Facebook more than ever lately and I hate it.

Before we start, there is a lot I love about Facebook. It’s a great way to start a community, to help each other out and give support. It’s an important part of the BABEs culture.

BUT, there is most definitely a darker side to it.

Companies like Apple and Aps such as Facebook and Instagram spend a lot of time and money testing how to make their product the one you just cannot live without.

How many times a day do you check Facebook?
Is it one of the first things you do?
How often do you surf through the lives of loved ones, friends and people you barely know?

The thing with FAKEbook is that it is a snapshot of the best of people’s lives. No-one’s life is a bunch of roses all the time, what a boring world it would be if it were!

Social media is an overload of information and emotions, the two together can very often leave us feeling blurrrr.

Ever been on and seen a picture of “someone, doing something” you wish you hadn’t or that had spoilt your mood?

And what do we do when we feel blur?

We self sooth, slipping into those unhelpful rituals we talked about on Monday, to make ourselves feel better as quickly as possible – a biscuit, a glass of wine or even more serious behaviours and addictions.

I’m not saying you need to come off it but just “Wake Up” and ask yourself,
“How much time do I spend on Facebook & does it make me feel good?”

For me I try to stay off it as long as possible in the mornings, unless I am doing a Facebook live and the BABEs and I have a 9pm gadget curfew. (I really notice the difference in my sleep when I don’t shut the world out by that time)

Do you need to “Wake Up” to your social media use?

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