Are You a Victim of Sugar??

So, are you a victim of sugar? Do you suffer from the perpetual cycle of cravings and the constant need to pick that sugar creates?

You must have been hiding down a hole if you don’t know how addictive sugar really is.

The trouble is that not only does it mess with your waist line but it decays your teeth, overloads your liver, leaves you open to cancer, type 2 diabetes, Non Alcoholic fatty liver, heart disease and high cholesterol (no it isn’t fat you need to watch out for, sugar is a far greater enemy!)

It completely upsets the balance of hormones that control your hunger signals and appetite and it will always leave you with that constant feeling of needing to eat something even when you aren’t hungry.

Kicking the sugar habit can be tough so here are a few ideas that can help you kick the habit:

  1. Give yourself the best chance by getting enough sleep. How many times have you had a late night or slept badly and found yourself reaching for a quick fix energy boost such as a chocolate bar, doughnut or energy drink? Lack of sleep will send your sugar cravings into overdrive!
  2. Eat plenty of fats and protein at meal times (snack time too if you’re a snacker!) This will mean you feel less hungry and are satisfied for longer. Meals that contain large amounts of carbs such as bread, pasta and potatoes will fill you with quick energy and leave you feeling hungry again sooner.
  3. Avoid too much fruit and fill up on lots of veg instead. Veggies are full of fiber and so will suppress your hunger and keep you fuller for longer. I even use them for snacking on, love a few sugar snap peas straight from the pack when I have the munchies!
  4. Do a 10-minute HIIT workout.  A quick workout will flood your brain full of happy chemicals and give you that energy boost you are craving.
  5. Get to like (or LOVE in my case) 85% dark chocolate – it has a fraction of the sugar milk chocolate has and the strong taste is enough to satisfy a chocolate craving in just a couple of squares.

Always remember ladies, you are sweet enough!

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