All Is Not Lost…

Want to lose weight but keep failing? Read this!

Monday is everyone’s favourite day for starting a diet, right? One of the worst things about dieting is the toll consistently failing takes on your feeling of empowerment.

But really, failing is good, it’s normalSuccessful people know to use their failures to fuel their success.

Sometimes change can take time.

But giving up isn’t OK, not if you really, really want what you’re trying to achieve.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Sometimes finding the right solution for you may be more of a journey than a straight route from A to B.

Often as we build new habits we have challenges and setbacks, but that is no reason to give up.

LEARN, move on and go again.

Invest some time and energy into what you want to do. 
Take time to learn and plan. Prepare fresh meals and get active.

Question yourself; see what your triggers are. 
Is it certain people, situations or times of the day, for example?

Keep reminders of why whatever it is, is important to you.
Immerse yourself in your goal and take daily steps towards it.

Just imagine if you never failed… Imagine if everything you did was perfect, you always got it right first time.
Do you know what would happen?

You would be dying. Dying because you aren’t growing! Seems a little hippyish I know, but one of the basic human needs is growth and one of the ways that you know you are growing is that sometimes you are failing!

Real change takes a journey, not a diet, so today I wanted to give you one last chance to take advantage & join me at Slim from Within.

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