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9 Things Every Dieter Should Know…

So what are my top 9 things every dieter should know? One of my one to one coaching clients has just hit their first 14 lb loss eating around an extra 1800 calories a day! When we first spoke she was eating 800 calories a day, feeling very low and GAINING weight!

Just check out these stats and ask yourself if another calorie restricted diet is really the answer…

  • In 2013 2 in 3 women tried to lose weight and 61% of the UK population are overweight.
  • The diet industry is a multi BILLION pound industry – if you don’t get and stay fat they don’t get paid. The Brits spent £1.8 billion on diet food products last year.
  • Low calorie diets don’t work. They often restrict fat intake; they have you eating far too much sugar and reducing calories instead of increasing nutrients. The body will just compensate for the reduction in calories by slowing your metabolism – i.e. using less energy.
  • 49% of dieters are still trying to lose weight by cutting back on fat, a real mistake. Eating fat does not make you fat! Choosing the right fats such as Olive and Coconut Oils, Avocados, Oily Fish and even saturated fats from free range, grass fed animals (preferably organic) in place of carbohydrates and processed foods will curb your appetite and encourage the body to burn fat instead of sugars.
  • The average woman has been on 61 diets by the age of 45 with the average length of a diet being 15 days before people give up.
  • The best diets are ones that make small changes in your daily habits and lifestyle, such ditching the sugar in your tea, swapping your 4pm donut for a pot of natural yoghurt and a handful of blueberries or walking (the faster the better) to work rather than taking the car.
  • Around 35% of women end up heavier after the diet than when they started.
  • 60% of women try to lose weight with extra exercise, a wise idea – but make sure you are incorporating some metabolic conditioning (short bursts of strength and cardio work mixed together – if you want to see how it works join our next taster week at
  • Only 5% of women are reported to never worry about their weight – a shocking statistic but having worked with literally 100’s and 100’s of women I know that body confidence is one of the biggest issues that is troubling women today!

Your next diet doesn’t have to be another lettuce munching disaster!

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