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You can have a stronger, healthier, slimmer body

The FeelFab 7lb Challenge reveals exactly what you need to do to achieve the head turning results the BABES on the Run FeelFab Formula is famous for. Find out what “healthy” foods the BABEs eliminate to drop stubborn body fat for good! Some of them will surprise you.

This programme is packed with everything you need to do to drop your first half a stone.

We’ve included our favourite recipes, a meal planner, a shopping list and a stick on the fridge cheat sheet so you can stay on track at a glance and know exactly what you need to be eating, how you need to be training and what lifestyle hacks will get you the best results.

If you’re not ready to make really simple changes so you can have a stronger, healthier, slimmer body that will have everyone asking how you did it, then this probably isn’t for you.

But if you want to know the truth about how to increase your energy and lose 7lbs easily and forever without counting calories, starving yourself or following the fad diets and crazes that lead you down the garden path in the first place, then the FeelFab 7lb Challenge is definitely for you!

Our FREE FeelFab 7lb Challenge is PACKED full of the latest top tips, hacks and info so you can start losing your muffin top, bingo wings or thunder thighs straight away!

You Will Receive...

Cheat Sheet

The FF7C Cheat Sheet to print out and keep you on track at a glance with our 7 step to 7lb protocols - Learn how much protein you really need - When to eat your carbs for maximum fat loss - how to burn more fat than a 10 mile run in 12 minutes

Meal Plan

The FF7C Meal Planner – with 13 simple easy to make new recipes that will increase your metabolism, balance your hormones and reduce your appetite – so you can finally break free of the foods that are keeping you hungry (I bet they are not the ones you think!)

Shopping List

The FF7C Shopping List – to take the guesswork out of what you can and can’t eat . Full of tasty, healing, fat burning foods that will flatten your tummy, firm your thighs and supercharge your fat loss so you lose your first 7lbs FAST!

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