50 Lessons from 12 years of Weight Loss Coaching – Part 1

I have been stuck recently, in my own self and in my content for these emails and my social media… it is very rare I am short of words!

But sometimes you need to do more like looking in than out!

However, last night I wanted to write out a list of my 20 biggest lessons of the last 12 years in the industry, only I couldn’t stop, in fact I kept going for another 30!

The list has got me so fired up I feel absolutely full of ideas, tips and content to send you, so watch this space over the next few weeks, as I will be elaborating on the points below that will help you move forward in your health and happiness journey.

Here are the first 25 on the list…

1. Forget about weight loss, focus on optimal health.
2. Gaining a pound or two doesn’t mean you have failed.
3. Calories DO matter.
4. But so do hormones.
5. And gut health.
6. And liver function.
7. Losing weight won’t make you a happier person, it will make you a slimmer person, know the difference.
8. Diets don’t work.
9. Follow Mother Nature, she has your back.
10. Blaming, complaining or wishing won’t burn the fat.
11. Take ownership.
12. Sugar & processed foods are highly addictive, think of them as drug foods.
13. Comparing your progress to others is toxic and will slow your fat loss.
14. Foods in packets are best avoided, even if the label says “healthy”.
15. Tracking what you eat really helps but honesty is vital.
16. It doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time.
17. It’s pretty simple.
18. Set yourself small goals and write them down EVERY day.
19. Mindset is everything – be your own best friend.
20. “Eat food, not much, mostly plants” Michael Pollan.
21. Just because your friend is doing great on Keto doesn’t mean you will, one size does not fit all.
22. You are stronger than you think – both physically and mentally.
23. Willpower is BS.
24. Consistency is key.
25. HOW you eat is important.

Check in Wednesday for the other 25 and if you are stuck with weight loss, drop me a line and let me know what’s holding you back…

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