4 Reasons Why Your Husband Can Eat More Than You!

This comes up a lot when our clients start to lose weight.

As they start buying and cooking healthier foods the whole family benefits and the husbands always seem to drop weight, despite eating more, exercising less and not being the slightest bit interested in his food choices!

Luckily for him, due to physiological reasons the odds are stacked in his favour…

  1. Men are generally physically larger and heavier, so use more energy in movement.
  2. Men have 15 times more testosterone than women.
  3. Men have more muscle tissue (about 50% more actually) and muscle is our most metabolically active tissue.
  4. Men burn more calories.

The difference in physical size explains partially why men need to eat more than women – you need more fuel to power a Landrover than a Mini! But there’s more to it than that…

We both have the sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen.  But men have much more testosterone than estrogen, and women have more estrogen than testosterone. In terms of fat and muscle, testosterone supports muscle development and fat loss, while estrogen supports fat maintenance.

This means guys have an easier time building muscle and losing fat, because muscle burns calories while fat doesn’t.

For every pound of muscle, the body will consume an additional 30-50 calories daily. 

Because they have a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate), the number of calories they need is approximately 200-300 calories higher than women of the same height and weight.

Add activity and this difference in energy requirement is even higher.

You could burn 450 calories from a workout, but your husband will burn 700 calories doing exactly the same thing!!

Then there is portion size. A woman’s daily calorie intake should be around 2000kcal to maintain her weight, while a man’s is 2500kcal, but many women serve themselves up the same size plate of food as their husbands without thinking.

How do your portions compare?

It’s not fair, I know!!

But there are other health benefits to being female, us women live longer.

Higher body fat levels mean women are less likely to die of starvation through famine and disaster.

Plus, excess fat also tends to have fewer and less extreme negative health impacts on women than on men, so you can remind him of that next time he’s shoving a doughnut in!!

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