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  • Did you vow to lose weight last year but not manage it?
  •  You feel desperate to lose weight but nothing seems to work
  •  You have tried just about every diet on the planet
  •  You can't bear having your photo taken
  •  You try on 10 different outfits just to feel confident
  •  You hide your muffin top in baggy clothes
  •  The thought of a bikini or strappy top sends you reeling and you dread your summer holidays
  •  You spend hours in the gym yet nothing seems to work, you lack motivation, in fact you hate the gym!
  •  You're confused with all the conflicting fat loss information and don’t know what to do for the best
Are you ready to take control of your life?
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A Flatter Tummy, 
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More Energy, 
Better Sleep, 
A Simple To Follow Nutrition Plan,  
Social Classes, 
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Lots of Laughs
 Some Time To Spend On YOU
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  • 3 PT Lead Strength HIIT Workouts - designed to tone your body and send your metabolism through the roof so you will burn more calories even whilst you're sleeping! Worth £25
  •  Clean Eating Meal Plan : So you know EXACTLY what and how much to eat for maximum results, this is a tried, tested and proven meal plan that the whole family can enjoy, really no one will believe you’re on a ‘diet' – this is how our members regularly lose up to 6lbs in just the first week! Worth £27 
  •  Weigh in - The chance to get your starting stats, learn not just your weight and body fat but your muscle mass, visceral fat (the dangerous stuff) and your METABOLIC AGE so you can watch the numbers go down! Worth £10
  •  PLUS a weeks free membership to our members only area, loaded with workouts, tutorials, over 200 recipes, and quick start videos so that you can stay motivated and educated.  Worth £27.
  •  PLUS...Full help and support from our highly experienced PT qualified coaches who are as focused on your results as you and the chance to workout with an amazing and fun group of friendly females working towards the same goal as you! Worth £120
  •  And of course...Amazing Results!! We've had women lose up to 10lbs in just 7 days! Unbelievable we know - but true!  PRICELESS!
************Total Worth £209************
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**Sign up for the remaining 3 weeks of camp at the end of the taster week and if you  attend all sessions, follow the nutrition plan and don't drop a dress size in 28 days we will give you a full refund! 
All with a Money Back Guarantee if you didn't love every minute at the end of your first week* 
If you sign up for the remaining three weeks of camp, attend all the sessions and follow the program for 28 Days and don't feel, THINNER, FITTER and FULL OF ENERGY 
then we will give you your money back - no questions asked!
Hurry! Our Next Camp Starts In ...
All with a Money Back Guarantee if you didn't love every minute at the end of your first week* 
Catherine lost 21lbs in 6 weeks !
Lesley’s lost 
50lbs in just 6 months!
Be & Rosie can now fit in to size 10 & 12 jeans!
All with a Money Back Guarantee if you didn't love every minute at the end of your first week* 
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